Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Georgia

Cover Your Business Against Employee-Related Claims and Lawsuits

Cover Your Business Against Employee-Related Claims and Lawsuits

Regardless of the scale of operation, workplaces are vulnerable to accidents and injuries. As an employer, it is your responsibility to protect your employees after a workplace injury or illness. Our customized workers’ compensation insurance compensates your injured employees while protecting your business from related liabilities and lawsuits.

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Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Legal and Financial Protection

Work-related accidents, including slips, falls, explosions, lacerations, and fire incidents can leave you both financially and legally liable for the resulting losses, such as hospital expenses, funeral expenses, lost wages, etc. If you fail to carry the compensation coverage, you need to pay for these losses out of pocket, which may exceed your savings. Besides, workers’ compensation coverage is legally required to conduct business in most states. Otherwise, it may lead to license suspension and penalty.

What We Have to Offer Under Our Workers’ Compensation Policy

Our workers’ compensation insurance offers the following coverages to pay for employee-related expenses and other liabilities:

  • Medical Bills Coverage - Covers injured employees’ medical bills, including hospital stays, medications, emergency room visits, and surgical procedures
  • Disability Expenses Coverage - Offers disability benefits to help injured workers pay their medical costs and replace some of their lost wages
  • Lost Wages Coverage - Pays part of their income while employees are recovering from a workplace accident or injury
  • Ongoing Care Costs Coverage - Pays for employees’ ongoing care expenses, including physical therapy and rehabilitation treatments
  • Legal Expenses Coverage - Covers court fees, attorney fees, and other settlement costs on behalf of an employer if they are sued
  • Death Benefits Coverage - Pays funeral expenses and death benefits if a worker passes away after a work-related injury or accident
Stay Resilient Against Workplace Mishaps with J&A Insurance

Stay Resilient Against Workplace Mishaps with J&A Insurance

Whether you run a small business or multinational company, J&A Insurance Agency, Inc. is committed to providing you with an all-inclusive workers’ compensation policy at an affordable cost. As a premier independent insurance agency in Kennesaw, GA, we bring in extensive experience and product knowledge to customize your workers’ compensation policy according to your business-specific risk exposures. Our customized coverages and 24/7 support can help you rise above and beyond limitations without worrying about expensive claims and civil litigation.

If you are looking to buy workers’ compensation insurance near you, Contact us today at info@jainsuranceagency.com or call us at 678-266-3353. We are ready to answer all your insurance-related questions and help find the best policy to protect your employees and business.