Cover Your Business and Yourself Financially Against All Risks

Get Indispensable Business Coverages in One Convenient Package

Get Indispensable Business Coverages in One Convenient Package

Your business took time, money, and hard work to build, so protecting it with adequate insurance coverage is essential. At J&A Insurance Agency, Inc., we offer an all-in-one business owner’s policy to protect you against third-party liabilities and resulting financial losses. So, you can work peacefully without worrying about potential lawsuits.

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Protect Your Commercial Liability and Property with Our Unparalleled Coverage

As a business owner, you may face several risks every day at work, including vandalization or theft of your inventories and equipment, third-party claims for property damage and bodily injury, lawsuits involving advertising injuries, destruction of your property by natural disasters, etc. If you don’t carry insurance, you will have to take the liability for these losses and settle claims out of pocket. Therefore, it is crucial to buy a business owner’s policy.

With our business owner’s policy, you can protect your hard-earned investments and high-priced business assets, while staying covered against liability losses.

How Can We Help Grow Your Business?

Our business owner’s policy includes value-added coverages to ensure all-around protection for your business always, against every liability:

Commercial General Liability Coverage

It protects your business against third-party liability claims resulting from bodily injuries and property damage that occurs on your premises or caused by your workers, products, or business operations. It also covers lawsuits filed against your business for advertising injury, libel, reputational harm, and slander.

Commercial Property Coverage

It covers your rented, owned, or leased business assets (building, equipment, tools, inventory, signs, computers, etc.) against damage or loss, resulting from lightning, vandalism, theft, fire, break-ins, wind, hail, storms, falling objects, and explosion. It also covers personal property used for business purposes and third-party’s property under your custody or care.

Business Interruption Coverage

It reimburses lost income and other expenses (rents, loans, and employee wages) while you are unable to resume your business due to a loss or damage caused by a covered peril (fire, theft, vandalism, flood, lightning, etc.). It also pays for operating your business at a temporary location.

Help Your Business Stay Ahead of Risks with J&A Insurance

Help Your Business Stay Ahead of Risks with J&A Insurance

At J&A Insurance Agency, Inc., we are committed to seeing your business thrive beyond risks and uncertainties. That’s why we offer a comprehensive business owner’s policy that adequately protects your business at any time. Our experienced insurance professionals will work with you to understand your industry-specific risk exposures and tailor your coverage, accordingly, ensuring the highest possible protection for any possible liability.

Are you looking for the best business owner’s policy near you? Contact us today at info@jainsuranceagency.com or call us at 678-266-3353. We are ready to offer exclusive insurance solutions built around your liability and property needs.