General Liability Insurance to Cover Your Business

Cover Your Business’ Liabilities and Lawsuits with Our General Liability Insurance

Cover Your Business’ Liabilities and Lawsuits with Our General Liability Insurance

Every business, from a start-up to an established organization, may face unique risks every day that could escalate into expensive claims and lawsuits. That’s why, at J&A Insurance Agency, Inc., we offer all-in-one general liability insurance to cover your business-related risks and resulting expenses, so you can work with peace of mind. Connect with us today to stay protected against potential liabilities and lawsuits.

Leverage Our General Liability Insurance to Grow Beyond Uncertainties

Even if you adhere to best-in-class precautionary measures in your organization, you cannot completely prevent risks, as an unfortunate incident can happen anytime unexpectedly. For example, a customer may slip on a wet or uneven surface and sustain bodily injuries, resulting in liability claims. Overcrowding or falling off your outdoor sign may cause property damage or physical injury to a third party, leading to a lawsuit. Your business could be sued for copyright infringement, libel, or slander.

With our general liability insurance, you can stay protected against all these incidents, rising above and beyond uncertainties.

Customized General Liability Coverages at J&A Insurance

Our General Liability Insurance includes the following coverages to protect your business against unfortunate exposures and mishaps:

  • Bodily Injury- Covers medical expenses of a third party if they suffer accidents or injuries on your premises, or by your employees or operations.
  • Property Damage- Pays to repair or replace third-party’s property that is damaged by you or your employees.
  • Personal or Advertising Injury- Protects your business against claims resulting from libel, slander, reputational harm, publication of private information, etc.
  • Product-Completed Operations- This covers liability claims resulting from an injury or damage caused by your product or service.
  • Legal Liability- Covers legal expenses, attorney fees, and settlement costs if someone sues your business for physical injury, property damage, and advertising injury.
Count on Us to Protect Your Business Now and in the Future

Count on Us to Protect Your Business Now and in the Future

At J&A Insurance Agency, Inc., we believe every organization deserves unmatched protection throughout its time in business. That is why we offer a comprehensive general liability insurance policy with unparalleled coverage options. Our insurance experts will talk to you one-on-one to understand your coverage requirements and tailor policies accordingly, ensuring adequate protection at all times. As an independent insurance agency, we aim to provide consistent assistance and support in your time of need, coupled with friendly customer service.

Looking to buy all-inclusive general liability insurance near you? Contact us today at info@jainsuranceagency.com or call us at 678-266-3353. We look forward to protecting your business from unprecedented events and resulting claims.