Comprehensive Liability Coverage Tailored for Automotive Shops and Garages

Cover Your Automobile Shops and Garage with Garage Liability Coverage

Cover Your Automobile Shops and Garage with Garage Liability Coverage

Every business that handles customers’ vehicles, from towing and auto body shops to service stations and repair shops, needs garage liability insurance to stay covered against third-party liabilities. At J&A Insurance Agency, Inc., we offer custom-tailored garage liability insurance that perfectly addresses your coverage needs while providing unparalleled support and assistance.

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Empower Your Automotive Business with Our Garage Liability Insurance

As a garage owner, you are responsible for all incidents that happen on your premises or during your operations. For example, if your customer suffers a fall or injury, or your faulty work damages their property, you have to bear the resulting expenses. This is where our garage liability insurance can help. While protecting your garage business against unfortunate incidents, our policy covers your financial liabilities resulting from your day-to-day operations. So, you can ensure the smooth operations of your business, despite risks and related losses.

Coverages We Offer Under Garage Liability Insurance

Our garage liability insurance covers various risks associated with automotive businesses, including:

  • Third-Party Injuries- Covers medical expenses of a third party if they are injured at your garage or auto shop or by your operations.
  • Third-Party Property Damage- Covers the repair or replacement cost of a third-party property that is damaged by you or your employees.
  • Legal Liability- Covers legal and defense costs if someone sues your business for causing property damage or bodily injury.
  • Product Liability- Covers damage to a customer’s car resulting from your faulty work or product (includes both sold and manufactured products).
  • Employee Dishonesty- Covers customers’ vehicles that are stolen or vandalized by your employees.
Protect Your Garage and Associated Liability with J&A Insurance

Protect Your Garage and Associated Liability with J&A Insurance

J&A Insurance Agency, Inc. has been proudly serving the insurance needs of automotive businesses across Kennesaw, GA, and surrounding areas. Our well-informed and dedicated insurance experts will educate you on the coverage options you may need to always protect your garage business. With our exceptional insurance solutions and customer support to rely on, you can focus on expanding your business to the next level without worrying about potential risks and liabilities. While offering customized policies tailored to your current and evolving insurance needs, we extend our support and service beyond providing a policy. So, you can rely on us for insurance assistance at any time.

If you are looking for affordable garage liability insurance near you, contact us today at info@jainsuranceagency.com or call us at 678-266-3353. We look forward to protecting your automotive spaces with extensive coverage.