Home Insurance Hacks: 7 Must-Know Tips to Protect Your Property in 2024

Apr 08, 2024


7 Must-Know Tips to Protect Your Property in 2024 7 Must-Know Tips to Protect Your Property in 2024

It takes a lot of effort, financially, to get prepared and make careful planning to finally buy a home. So why risk going without insuring your property to protect your hard-earned investment in your living abode. No matter how advanced the surveillance system you install, digital locks, and integrated fire protection, properties are always vulnerable to the risk of theft, fire damage, and natural calamities. 


Compared to your existing measures to protect your home, having home insurance in Georgia can be more effective in safeguarding your property from potential threats. At J & A, we work with top-grade insurance companies to recommend which insurance policy coverage would be beneficial for you to try and safeguard your investment and peace of mind when you face property and financial damage as a result of unexpected events. 


It’s essential to understand how to protect your home, no matter if your home is new or old. So check out the tips below to gain a better understanding on how to protect your home through homeowners insurance.

1.    Keep in mind the location of your property

If you want to find the best fit for Georgia homeowners’ insurance, you need to compare the plans from various companies through proper research. Since it can be a hassle for you, we can take on the task of doing the research and comparing policies to check which one will best suit your needs, from pricing to what the policy  covers.

Although premium rates will vary from carrier to carrier, the total cost might also vary from location to location based on each particular area’s vulnerability to natural weather events such as wind, earthquakes, floods, or even burglaries. 

2. Learn about the amount of coverage to get the best deal

First, determine how much coverage you require and evaluate the costs offered by various insurers and then make your comparisons before deciding on a Georgia Homeowners Insurance carrier. 

If your property value rises, it's recommended that you raise your coverage limit on your home as construction costs tend to increase over time, thus the amount that it will also take to rebuild your home. Many policies include what’s called an inflation guard that automatically increases the coverage limit on your home year over year to try and keep pace with construction inflation. Check with your local agent to see if your particular policy does, OR, contact us at J&A today to see how we may be able to assist you…Call (678)266-3353, or send an email to info@jainsuranceagency.com   … 

3. Make your property evaluation accurately

When you are getting homeowner insurance in GA, property insurance valuation is often disregarded. However, it is one of the essential aspects of having enough coverage in case of damage. It is essential to take into account various elements such as new structures, replacement value, and rebuilding expenses. 

No matter what the age or construction of the plot your home builds on, find out the circle rate from your local development authority to choose the optimum coverage for your house insurance. Our team can help you estimate the insurance replacement value on your home and find you a policy at a reasonable price range from a reliable insurance provider. 

4. Bundle home with other asset insurance

Combining many policies, including house and vehicle insurance, may bring considerable financial savings and streamline the insurance application process. So, collaborate with us, your reliable, independent insurance agents in Georgia, to find bundle opportunities. 


Studies have shown that bundling home insurance with other asset insurance can result in  5% to 25% premium savings. Inquire about the coverage limitations and costs of each insurance policy to optimize the benefits. Let us evaluate the cost of each policy separately and compare the total costs so you can obtain a fair price for the insurance you require. 


5. Choose higher deductibles to lower premium bill

The deductible is a fixed amount and this amount should be borne by you. It starts before the insurance kicks in.  But you may have to pay more out of your pocket when you have to make a claim. Make sure you have enough cash for an emergency claim before raising your deductible through proper budgeting. 


6. Improve home security to avoid filing claim

When you protect your home from natural calamities or theft through the installation and active monitoring of a central burglar alarm system you may be eligible for additional discounts. It will also lower your chances of needing to file a claim in the future by discouraging would-be thiefs from breaking into your home. It’s also recommended that you install storm shutters, possibly have sprinkler systems connected to smoke detectors and fire alarms, and install deadbolt locks on all exterior doors in your home. 

Install fire-resistant roofing materials to lessen hazardous events. We are your trusted independent insurance agents in Georgia, and we help you find possible savings on home insurance with approved security system discounts. 


7. Check the scope of the coverage

Be cautious when buying a home insurance plan, as the coverage scope can vary from carrier to carrier. 

A comprehensive home insurance policy should cover rebuilding the damaged parts of your home up to the stated policy limits. Our independent agents can make the process easier by reviewing your policy on a regular basis.


Final Words:

With the growing risk of theft, forced entry, or unexpected events such as fire, water damage, or other natural calamities, it should be a priority to have adequate home insurance for your Georgia property and investments. Make sure to use these tips to handle the complexities around home insurance for your protection. 

Check on the policy regularly to update them as per your needs to ensure you have the right coverage in place and peace of mind. If you have been searching for a home insurance policy in Georgia, our team can assist you in choosing the right insurance that provides you with adequate coverage and discounts on various security systems. Call J&A today at (678)266-3353, or send an email to info@jainsuranceagency.com

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